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Rail Freight Service

Our experience operating and managing railroad networks across the world enables us to offer our customers comprehensive rail freight solutions. For the timely, cost effective delivery of freight overland, a strong rail network provides an efficient transport solution. Our rail fleet provides safe, reliable and environmentally sound transport as part of the multimodal freight services we offer throughout our global network. We have rail offerings that connect our customers to major economic regions worldwide to better support their supply chains. Our rail logistics services. Our Rail Freight products offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly freight transportation via rail, either throughout Europe or connecting Europe and Asia, West- and Eastbound, LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) or FCL (Full-Container-Load).

Railway transportation is not only particularly sustainable, but is also faster than shipping and cheaper than air operations. But it is not always possible to use rail transport for the complete journey. We therefore handle the pick-up and final delivery runs for you and combine several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains. We have tri-modal rail ports available at several locations for this purpose. Along with cutting freight costs, rail shipping is a long-term supply chain solution that can provide door-to-door service and economic value for businesses looking to keep pace with increasing consumer demand. Some of the other benefits of intermodal rail freight include increased security and a reduced risk of a weather delay and cargo loss.

The liberalisation of the Fastconnect Express railway markets has opened up a wide variety of prospects. As a result, we operate individual wagon and block train services between all the countries in Western and Eastern Europe – and beyond the European Union too. Railway transport is often the most sensible solution outside the EU and America. Shipments can often be handled faster by rail because customs clearance takes place during the journey; as a result, there are no waiting times at border crossings.

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